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Peruna Lucky Day Almanac for 1906.

Peruna was a patent medicine bottled here in in Columbus by Dr. Samuel B. Hartman. Advertised prodigiously and claiming to cure almost everything at a time when medical science was in its infancy, Peruna made a fortune. The doctor built a mansion, a huge model farm, a theater for his daughter, and his business occupied nearly two city blocks downtown.

1906 wasn’t such a lucky year for Hartman. Exposés had revealed Peruna was 28% alcohol by volume—almost as much as whiskey—with less than 0.5% of anything that could be called a medicine. The Pure Food and Drug Act also came into force.

Peruna slowly faded before closing in the 1920s. The doctor died in 1918.

Today, all that remains is the old Hartman Surgical Hotel building (shown on this cover) at S. 4th & E. Main downtown.

  • 16 July 2012