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Maynard Ave. United Methodist at the Ohio State Fair

Food stands come and food stands go but the University District’s Maynard Ave. United Methodist Church has been selling quality meals at the fair since 1916!  The restaurant is open 24-7 during the fair and provides food and friendship to carnies, show people, fair staff, Highway Patrolmen, and farm families showing animals at the fair.

I was saddened to learn last week that, after 96 years, the church will not be operating their restaurant at the Ohio State Fair this summer. End of an era.

Here’s a view of the food stand in 2011, being serenaded by another Ohio State Fair institution, The All-Ohio State Fair Youth Band.

Maynard Methodist is one of the few University District churches from the early 20th Century to have survived into the 21st. Here’s their church on the corner of Maynard and Indianola.

  • 31 May 2012