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Horror begins at dusk… and continues until dawn!

This weekend in 1974, University District movie-goers were treated to a dusk-til-dawn horror show at the nearby West 5th Ave. Drive-In, 900 W. 5th Ave. (where McDonalds and the carwash are today).

Back in The Seventies, drive-ins showed drive-in movies—not what drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs called “indoor bullstuff.” Blood, breasts, and beasts were the hallmarks of a good drive-in picture. Like the urban grindhouse, drive-ins of The Seventies offered patrons a steady diet of horror, crime, biker, martial arts, blaxploitation, hixploitation, and softcore porn pictures.

Those were also the golden days of ballyhoo. They didn’t just show movies, they sold them. The theater wanted patrons to believe that this quintuple feature was the goriest, grossest, grisliest set of horror pictures ever made. To that end, audiences were offered “Up-Chuck Cups” in case they vomited watching I Dismember Mama. Free Insanity Insurance was offered to those who went mad at the horror of the “Orgy of the Living Dead” features.

Check out these trailers for the weekend’s offerings:

  • Massively NSFW trailer for I Dismember Mama and Blood-Spattered Bride. I hate when some guy goes berserk at the Bijou Theater. (This trailer is supposedly directed by Bob Clark, the man who directed beloved holiday classic A Christmas Story.)
  • Slightly less NSFW trailer for the three “Orgy of the Living Dead” features. Poor John…

  • 20 April 2012
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