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The facade of the old State Theater looks down on the new students arriving for Autumn Semester 2014.


1918- Huge, 8,000 square foot "Win the War" military exhibit is a highlight of the 68th Ohio State Fair. August 26.

1951- Folk singers The Weavers banned from performing at Ohio State Fair due to Red Scare hysteria. August 24.

1966- Cleveland’s Bob Hope makes first of many visits to the Ohio State Fair. Fifty thousand attend show. August 27.

1974- New US President (and former Michigan football player) Gerald Ford addresses Ohio State University summer commencement. August 30.

1975- Hixploitation classic Walking Tall, Part 2 leads Labor Day weekend line-up at W. 5th Ave. Drive-In. August 29.

1989- Images from Voyager 2's close encounter with Neptune are broadcast live at Ohio Union with commentary by Astronomy Dept. faculty. August 25.

2002- Jim Tressel's Buckeyes National Championship season begins with victory over Texas Tech. August 24.

Nothing the ladies like more than a nice church date.
As the anti-comics crusade geared up in the early 1950s, Crime Smashers sought to deflect criticism by plugging church attendance.
It didn’t help. As pressure mounted, Crime Smashers folded in March 1953.
In the early 1950s, teachers, preachers, politicians, and the usual scolds and killjoys went to war against horror and crime comics.
This Sally Sleuth panel from Crime Smashers #1 was featured in anti-comics crusader Frederic Wertham’s call-to-arms, Seduction of the Innocent (1954).
"I like my bones well padded."
Sally Sleuth’s pre-Crime Smashers adventures were both more macabre and more risqué.

"I like my bones well padded."

Sally Sleuth’s pre-Crime Smashers adventures were both more macabre and more risqué.

(Source: arealgoodtombstone)

In the pages of Crime Smashers, Sally Sleuth was ready to do whatever it took to crack the case.